The Ultimate Japanese Self-Locking Nut
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The Ultimate Japanese Self-Locking Nut

The Ultimate Japanese Self-Locking Nut



For safe assembly in environments subject to extreme vibration

Innovation is part of our corporate culture !

  • Reusable

Made entirely of metal with few wear surfaces, it maintains a powerful self-locking effect.

  • Easy and efficient

Easily installed with only one commercially available tool.

  • Economic

The reduction in maintenance and manpower results in significant savings on overall costs.

Where is the Hardlock nut often used ?

– In areas subject to strong tremors and vibrations

– To replace welds and adhesives when disassembly is required for maintenance.

– In places where maintenance is difficult after fixing

– In areas where life is in danger

– When a high tightening torque cannot be used for tightening

– In extreme environments

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