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Customer testimonial/ City of Montreal

Customer testimonial/ City of Montreal


Simon Gingras

ForemanWater Department Drinking Water Branch Main Network Infrastructure Division Main Network Operations

History in brief:

  • Before the management, nothing was clear.
  • Old inventory: random quantity since there was no management.
  • Before/after… Wonderful!

Case study


  • Our way of doing things before management: bolts misplaced, difficulty to mobilize an employee to clean up the boxes, orders placed blindly, overstock taking up too much space and risk of missing certain dimensions.


  • Creation of a document entitled “Fasteners” indicating the minimum/maximum requirements.
  • Desormeau was kind enough to inventory our stock and take charge of it.
  • Installation of new shelves and bins; Desormeau took care of the organization of the shelves and bins by identifying them and putting everything in an orderly position.


  • The management started and since then we have never lacked anything.
    Céline, Antoine, Gustavo (DEP bills) and I continue our excellent collaboration.

“The management in place has proven itself and to do without this service would be a step backwards.”

-Simon Gingras-

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