Trust partner and certified supplier for Hydro-Québec

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Trust partner and certified supplier for Hydro-Québec

Trust partner and certified supplier for Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec has 55 projects and construction projects underway, under study or under construction…

Being part of the energy supply plan for the future as a supplier means contributing to a vast network throughout Quebec. Hydro-Québec ensures that it does business with competent suppliers who are ISO 9001 certified!

Figures that speak for themselves…

  • The line workers must cover a territory of 1,667 square kilometers. That’s three times the size of France! There are 34,000 km of high-voltage lines.
  • The construction of an electricity transmission line involves seven major stages, and many different trades are involved in meeting this challenge.
  • Hydro-Québec’s network is one of the most automated in the world
    160 telemetry and remote signaling stations
    200 servers and workstations
    22,500 data acquisition points
    5,500 data updates every 3 seconds

In order for our customer to provide reliable, quality electricity service, we must also provide products that meet strict quality control standards and processes.