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Product specifications – Mechanical properties

Product specifications – Mechanical properties

In the bolting industry, various mechanical properties play an essential role in the performance, reliability and safety of assemblies.

Here’s an overview of the main mechanical properties and their importance.

Tensile strength: the key to solidity

Tensile strength is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to bolt strength. This mechanical property measures the bolt’s ability to resist tensile forces, i.e. forces that tend to stretch the bolt. In demanding industrial environments, where high loads are involved, choosing bolts with adequate tensile strength is essential. This ensures that bolts can withstand the most severe mechanical stresses, providing additional assurance of safe assembly.

Yield strength: the frontier of resilience

Yield strength is an essential mechanical property that indicates the level of stress a bolt can withstand without undergoing permanent deformation. In other words, it is the limit beyond which the bolt begins to undergo plastic deformation. In applications where loads may vary, or where the bolt is exposed to repeated cycles, selecting bolts with an appropriate yield point is essential. These bolts can withstand high loads while retaining their original shape, helping to maintain long-term structural integrity.

Hardness: a guarantee of durability

Hardness is a key mechanical characteristic for bolt durability. In demanding industrial environments, where bolts are subjected to abrasive or corrosive conditions, bolts with appropriate hardness are essential. These bolts are better equipped to resist wear, scratches and local deformation, thus extending their operational life and reducing maintenance costs.


In conclusion, then, the mechanical properties of bolts play an essential role in the fastener industry. By understanding their importance and selecting the right bolts for specific applications, companies can guarantee strong, reliable and safe assemblies in a variety of industrial fields. See all our bolt products and request a price quote online now!