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High strength bolts

High strength bolts

Complete inventory, machining shop for the manufacture of non-standard dimension products, coming from North America, Korea, China, Taiwan and Europe.

OUR PURPOSE: To provide you with essential information for the selection of your high-strength structural bolts.

Designation: ASTM
Quantity: Number of bolts or assemblies, including washers, if required
Taille: Including nominal diameter, bolt length and thread pitch if other than standard
Class: A325, A490, F1852, F2280, F3125
Type: Type 1 or Type 3. When the type is not specified, type 1 and type 3 can be provided at the suppliers’s choice.
Tête:  Hexagonal or torsional

Additional ordering information may include as required:
Coating or finishes, test reports, other assembly components details such as nuts and washers, rotation capacity tests, special observations or inspection requirements and country of origin requirements.

Hexagonal bolts can be ordered individually, packed with nuts and washers, or as assemblies. See ASTM F3125/F3125M-15a for more details.

  A standard description: 1,000 pieces 3⁄4 in. × 3 in. hex bolt A325 assembled, hot-dip galvanized.