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Desormeau gets Champlain Bridge’s first contract

Desormeau gets Champlain Bridge’s first contract

11,000 bolts • 9,500 washers • 12,900 nuts • 1,200 threaded rods

Following our participation in the security guard of the Ice Bridge, we conducted a feasibility study with contractors to renovate the Champlain Bridge’s pylons. Our service meets the requirements of the project: Industries Desormeau is designated the official supplier.

« By choosing to work with Industries Desormeau, we knew it would be a winning partnership. They took care of the file very satisfactorily. When we met with their engineer and saw how it worked at the level of quality assurance, we knew that Desormeau would provide first-rate technical support in addition to products..

The whole team knew how to overcome the complexity of the product and the urgent delivery requirements in an impeccable way. It was a beautiful challenge. We really worked with confidence with Desormeau. »

Lester La Haye, ing.