Stock management with Kanban system

We offer you one of the most used tools for its simplicity and efficiency.  The objective is to balance production and demand to ensure that parts are delivered just-in-time. You will have significant savings potential thanks to the Kanban principle.

ISO Standards

The implementation of ISO standards is widespread. The interest of international standards is obvious: more providers, better availability, easier maintenance.

Galvanization, Plating & Coating

Desormeau is equipped to galvanize, plate or coat nuts, bolts, screws and other industrial fasteners. Desormeau works to comply with international RoHS standards.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Tests; Hardness; Tensile; Yield; Impact; Cone Stripping; Liquid Penetrant; Magnetic Particle; Ultrasonic; Mill Test Report; Letter of Compliance.

Customer Services

Conscious of the importance of conformance product to your needs, we offer a customer service that facilitates the returns.

Traceability (Quality)

When your project has the highest standards, and the fasteners require materials traceability, Desormeau can handle the order.

Released Order

Industries Desormeau offers order release to help optimize its customers supply chain management.


Our large inventory and location of our warehouse near major highways allow us to complete and deliver your orders within short deadlines.