Agricultural Machinery

Desormeau Industries offers a wide range of bolts and nuts widely used in the Agriculture Industry for heavy duty applications.

Food Industry

We supply bolts and stainless steel fasteners for the activities of processing of raw materials from livestock food.

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industries have their own specific sets of requirements; Desormeau has the experience and the expertise to ensure projects are well supplied.


Desormeau Industries has a long history with the transport industry. Bolts and fasteners are used to secure the parts needed to maintain a fleet of trucks in perfect condition and well maintained.


Our large inventory of standard parts allows us to fill orders and deliver them very quickly to your jobsite.

Mineral Processing

Desormeau provides fasteners for material handling equipment for your mining mineral projects.

Pulp and paper

We deliver the necessary attachments to production facilities as the pulp and paper.


We deliver the necessary attachments to the communication industry.


We are proud partners of your major projects, such energy infrastructure, by providing fasteners that meets the standards.

Rail Industry

We meet the needs of the rail industry by providing fasteners and bolts in accordance with the industry requirements.

Forest Industry

The necessary equipment for handling forest industry fasteners are provided by Desormeau Industries.

Electrical Product

Our 40 years of experience serving manufacturers of electrical products set us apart from our competitors.


Our expertise in the area of the megastructure make us a strong partner for the success of your projects.

Heavy Machinery

Over the years, we have accumulated significant experience in meeting the specific needs of our customers working in the field of heavy industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Industries Desormeau provides bolts and stainless steel fasteners for all industrial activities in the pharmaceutical field.